About our Centre

Rose Garden Early Years Centre is a Steiner-inspired nursery in the heart of Reading offering a gentle homelike learning environment for children aged 2-5 years. 


Rose Garden aims to offer children a beautiful, safe and homely nursery environment where Children are empowered to create, discover and grow at their own individual pace. Drawing inspiration from the Steiner educational model, the nursery aims to provide a setting where children can flourish holistically and where learning is meaningfully integrated into all the experiences available to the child, rather than split into formal lessons.

Our small group size and calm daily rhythm provide children, and their families, with a gentle introduction into early years care and education and enables teachers to get to know each child well and build strong professional partnerships with all parents/carers.
Teachers strive to be worthy of imitation and recognise this as an important teaching strategy for social learning. This is achieved through the way we interact with the children and the way we care for, and prepare, the environment with its focus on
natural beauty and calming order.
During the session adults peacefully engage in real life activities such as preparing lunch, creating or mending resources, cleaning the environment and taking care of the garden. Resources, such as child friendly knives, scissors and tools, are provided for
the children to join in with these activities if they so choose in order to develop self-help skills and self-confidence. Children at the nursery have the opportunity to develop peer relationships and our vertical grouping means children are encouraged to learn
from, and care for, one another. Teachers support children’s unfolding social skills and development of empathy through creative behaviour guidance and respecting and valuing the diversity of the group and the unique contributions made by each of its
Within our philosophy we also recognise the importance of daily, weekly and early rhythms to support the child to feel secure and know what is happening next.
This includes a daily focused activity (such as painting, craft, baking, clay or cleaning) and a strong emphasis on the seasons through songs, stories and festivals. Within these rhythms we ensure children have a balance of ‘breathing in’ times which are
teacher-led and involve the whole group (such as circle time and meal times) and ‘breathing out’ times where children have the freedom to make choices about their own
play and learning and follow their unique unfolding pattern of development (child-led

play time both indoors and outdoors with rich and natural open-ended resources). We believe all these elements of our curriculum combine to foster the holistic development of the child and build within them a strong foundation for lifelong wellbeing and

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5 Christchurch Gardens, Reading RG2 7AH

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