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What happens at groups?

At Rose Garden, our Parent/ Carer & Child sessions are similar to the rhythm of the Kindergarten morning. There is an unhurried pace to allow Children time to undertake self directed play. We provide a beautiful, safe, calm space with natural, open ended resources. Our groups are predictable, following the same rhythm:

  • Outdoor freeplay

  • Optional season craft or activity

  • Indoor free play

  • Tidy up

  • Shared snack

  • Puppet show and songs

Who runs the groups?

Gemma, Steiner Waldorf Early years teacher runs the sessions. 

What are some of the benefits of coming to Rose Garden?

  • To learn more about Steiner Waldorf education

  • A strong sense of community

  • Long lasting friendships

  • Warm, safe, child centred space with time both indoors and outside

  • Small group size

  • Learning new skills

  • Predictable rhythm  

  • Experience of the rich social experience of eating together

  • Experience of stories coming to life

  • Singing together

What do I need to bring?

Your child will need wellington boots and a puddle suit, we have spares if you don't have them.

Anything else I need to know?

  • All food prepared and served is vegetarian. Due to allergies, please avoid bringing in food from home.

  • Parents/ Carers remain responsible for their children during the session.

  • Regrettably, we cannot offer discounts or refunds to cover your booked holidays, or non-attendance due to illness. Parents are asked to keep their child at home if they are unwell.

Some feedback from families...

"Rosegarden is a little slice of peace in a crazy world, I bring my little ones each week and each week the company is always great, the tea hot and the children happy. My little boy has been coming since he was 1 and is soon off to school and one of the things we will miss most will be our rosegarden mornings."

"Absolutely love the sessions, the free play has taught my granddaughter independence and the crafts are so much fun and educational. Gemma is such a lovely and works really hard to bring different things to each session, she goes above and beyond to provide a fun, safe place to play. I hope it continues to retain the values it provides as I intend to start bringing my grandson when he’s old enough."


"We love Rose Garden. Our son really enjoys the sessions. We don’t have a garden in our flat so it’s lovely to get him outside in the garden area, whatever the weather. Also love the baking/painting that Gemma puts on! I also really enjoy the ‘snack time’, and it’s great that all the snacks are provided! My son isn’t the best eater so it’s lovely to all sit down together and eat. It’s been really encouraging for him. The environment is also super welcoming and a lovely place to just chat and have a cup of tea."


"The Rose Garden was a space for my first son to come, he struggled with most busy areas so here was a quieter, relaxed space for him to be himself. He could follow a pattern through the morning. For my second son, he too found it relaxed, he could explore as he wanted in his own time - again be himself. The Rose Garden hasn’t just been beneficial to my children, it was beneficial for my husband and I as we could both have a cup of tea and chat with similar parents. Coming out of lockdown it taught us the life skills to be a parent which we missed during lockdown."

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