Steiner Inspired Parent & Child Group


For parents/ carers and children under 5 years old


Our sessions are gentle, structured for you and your child/ren. Our welcoming groups allow your child to develop and socialise in a reassuring family atmosphere. Imagination and creativity are nurtured through free play with simple toys and natural materials. We share traditional, seasonal songs, and a healthy snack. Parents and carers can come together to share experiences, learn new skills and support each other through the highs and lows of parenting. It’s an excellent way for parents to experience Steiner Education from the roots up.


Sessions start outside in our natural garden with free play and gardening. We then move inside to our cosy playroom, there is an optional craft laid out on the table. We then share a healthy snack. The session concludes with a ring time, seasonal songs and a short puppet show.

The mood of the session is intended to be informal, providing a warm, safe, child-centred space for children and their parents to relax and play together. Play takes up the majority of the session. There is always an activity, such as bread baking, painting or seasonally inspired crafts. There is always something for your child to do, even if it is only to cut the string or dab the glue. Your child will most likely need your attention, particularly in the first few weeks, so don’t feel pressured to join in the activities, before you are both ready.

The group is not a “drop in” session, rather families are asked to book a place. This enables a known group for both children and parents, enabling support and friendship to grow. Sessions are run during term times. 

Practical information for Parents/ Carers attending sessions can be found here.


Parents/ Carers remain responsible for their children during the session.


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