Exemptions from EYFS

In order to provide the education that we believe best meets the needs of children at Rose Garden, in common with all Steiner Waldorf schools in the UK we have been granted exemptions from some of the requirements that the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) government policy imposes on other Early Years settings.  We provide a leaflet that describes the exemptions and we encourage you to talk to your child’s teacher so that you are clear about how we will be caring for and educating your child.  Formally, there are ten exemptions (actually nine modifications and one exemption) and these can be found in the Rose Garden Policy folder.  A notice for parents on the curriculum followed at Rose Garden is available for parents which also introduces the EYFS exemptions.

The letter from Ofsted granting Rose Garden Early Years Centre the exemptions can be read here.

A booklet 'Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage in Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Settings' published by the Steiner Waldorf Schools fellowship saying more about the exemptions is also available here and hard-copies are available at the setting.

The Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship prepared an interpretation and readover document if you wish to go into more detail.

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