International association of infant massage (IAIMS)

Touch is the first sense to develop in the uterus and the last to leave us before we die. Our skin is our largest organ and mans most important and primary connection to the world....

A course of 5 x 1.5 hour sessions for Parents/ Carers of non-mobile babies up to 5 month old, taught in a beautiful, warm nursery room at Rose Garden Early Years Centre. To book your session email

Tuesdays - Arrive 9.15am - 9.30am, course runs 9.30am-11am

Your child's needs come first and take priority, i.e nursing, feeding, changing nappy. If your baby is asleep, don't worry, a massage doll can be practised on. All work notes/ instructions on strokes will be provided.

Please bring your own oil:

Organic sunflower oil/ sunflower oil


Relaxation (Parents/ Carers)

Touch relaxation/ resting hands

Respect/ asking baby's permission to massage

Week 1 - Legs and feet

Week 2 - Stomach, colic massage

Week 3 - Legs and arms

Week 4 - Face and back

Week 5 - Gentle movements, entire massage

Throughout the course there will be an opportunity to understand the theory of infant massage and engage in discussions on different themes. 


To find out more visit the iaim website.

Find us: 

5 Christchurch Gardens, Reading RG2 7AH

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