Our welcoming groups allow your child to develop and socialise in a reassuring family atmosphere. Imagination and creativity are nurtured through free play with simple toys and natural materials. We share traditional, seasonal songs, and a healthy, organic snack. Parents and carers can come together to share experiences, learn new skills and support each other through the highs and lows of parenting. It’s an excellent way for parents to experience Steiner Education from the roots up. 


Sessions run either inside in our cosy and homelike playroom or outside in our natural garden. We try to provide a calm, unhurried and peaceful atmosphere whilst understanding that children this age need to use their bodies and voices, a lot, with much energy, and loudly. Give yourself a break and turn off your mobile phone, this is a time for you and your child.


Our Parent and Child groups are inspired by Steiner Waldorf education principles. Little children love the familiar, it makes them feel safe, and for this reason our sessions always follow the same pattern and include much repetition of songs and verses. If you and your child attend regularly, you’ll find that your child learns the pattern and rhythm of the afternoon. A familiar song signals the move from one activity to the next. Your child will adapt to the rhythm of this and enjoy the safety of knowing what’s coming next:

● Meet & greet

● Play – children only

During freeplay our task as adults is to be fairly unobtrusive. We try to remember to talk quietly and to sit down and back so we don’t dominate the children’s space with either our bodies or our noise. During Free play there will be a voluntary activity/ craft for parents/children

● Tidy up time – all help to clear the toys into their special baskets

● Snacktime – sitting quietly and waiting for candlelight to signal the start of the meal, we share a healthy, organic snack

● Time in the garden/ ringtime
● Puppet show

£8 per week, payable termly in advance. First session free of charge.

Please note, parents and carers are responsible for their children at all times. 

Find us: 

5 Christchurch Gardens, Reading RG2 7AH

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